Oi.. I hate making new things when I had a good thing going..

For the last three years, I’ve had Roy, to lean on.. In case any of you forgot, Roy is the former mascot of my company. He was on everything, our cards, our shirts, our designs, he was our very own character. He was what made our company stand out from all the rest.
But when creating a new venture. The time comes that you must leave the past in the past, and create something new. This is one part of the moving on process that’s been hard for me. Putting away all the things that made you great before. It really does suck, hell, it took me a year to finally let the past be what it is, the past. And boy have I learned some lessons, not only about business, but about people. What kind of people you should be involved with and which ones you should stay away from. I’ve learned which people you only call when there’s something that benefits them involved, I’ve learned even that try as you might to change and move on, some people just can’t and just don’t and won’t ever change.

But that’s life for you. It’s the way it has always been for many people. I think the best way to move on is to learn how to master the cards you’ve been delt with and learn where and when to play your final cards.

So now onto designing new designs and logos for Goddess Productions. I’m thinking of going more traditional and less flashy, now adays for me, it shouldn’t be how cool your cards are, but how cool you’re work is.


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