Sac-Anime and New Projects

Another Sac-Anime come and gone. It was pretty swell and laid back, me and my crew went and had loads of fun, so I can’t complain. Well except for the terrible line control at main events/autographs and how they staged things. But they have had problems with that for years, and if they haven’t figured out how to do it right by now, then there’s no point to even bother. But it was still fun and I was juiced to see some old friends and hear them doing well.

Some new projects we have coming up:

~~~~Animation on Display–Still looking for roomies, I’ve got one so far and I need like at least two more to make the room less empty.. I’m also looking forward to debuting some new panels which I think are going to be incredibly fun! But I’ll talk about those when I find out the dates and times of my panels!

Wanna room up and save some cash? Check out the link here: [link]

~~~~Your Otaku Business, Version 2.0—I just finished the final print of the new volume and it looks great, we are getting ready to debut it at AOD 2010 and then it will be available for sale online that weekend as well!

~~~~Also, the Goddess Productions website has been updated with new info about our upcoming events and we have a VIDEO BLOG too!! So go check it out: [link]

Other than that, everything else is good. In life, you make a decision to eventually move on with your life and do something new and exciting. And I believe that 2010 is that year to shine and to live life as much as you can!

Well, that’s it for now, Ya’ll have a good one!


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