Finally a chance to Wrap Up AOD!!!

*Plops Head on Desk*

I am so exhausted!! But I’m tired in a good way, since this past weekend has nothing but go, go and go some more. One of the things about convention season, is that there are only two types of conventions, those that are a headache, and those that are a pleasure. I am happy to announce that this past weekend has been nothing but a pleasure.

~ First of all, shoutouts to all my friends Temperance and Serena, for putting up with all my moments of running around and preparing stuff. We had a little trouble with the Hotel Kabuki, but once we got that worked out, it was smooth sailing the rest of the weekend.

~ All our pannels got a great turnout, and I hope to work some more on them to get them ready for Fanime and maybe Chibi-Con coming soon.

~ Ran into Ray Nagar of Project 760 productions! I have been friends with Ray for a few years so it’s good see him for so long. We also met the owners of the new company Green Tea Graffiti Jason and Hank. One of the awesome things about this convention is bieng able to network with everyone and introduce old friends to new friends and create some new networks.

~ AOD’s swap meet was incredibly impressive. Although there were some peeps whom made me question whether or not they were legitimate, I am not in the place to honestly discuss that. After the swap meet, we began to hang out in the downstairs lobby, and be entertained by the current reigning champion of AX’s last comic standing. I don’t remember his name, but I’m going to look him up so that way I can find out his name. After a few more hours, the day is called and we return to the hotel rooms to get some sleep.


~Panel in the big room=Awesome,

~Panel in the room at 10:30am==Not so awesome.

~ Had the pleasure of meeting Steven Savage, a professional at IGN Entertainment. He taught some awesome panels on how to develop your geekdom into making something of your own. Afterwards, I got to chill with the creators of Green Tea Graffiti and have loads of fun as well as sharing biz tips and gaming tips as well.

~Then finally had to go home. Mega lame.

So although that’s Animation on Display, this past week we have been working on somethings on top. A former member of The Printed Otakus, is following their dreams and going is moving to start their own buisness. Although right now I can’t talk about anything like that, I do wish this person all the best as they get ready to follow their dreams. So the last few days we have been getting ready for that.

Also, this Saturday, we are going to begin our Your Otaku Biz goodies. I originally was just going to do podcasts, but in the end, since I also had to purchase a video camera for work and stuff, now would be a good time to start a video cast. It’s also cheaper than a podcast at this moment in time. Although I will eventually get there. \

Friday will be the website video update and I’m really excited about that as well. And I also am going to begin the design of a new logo for Goddess Productions. As much as I love my old one, it’s time for something new. Now I just have to figure out who gets my commission money.And that is the hard part. 




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