Winter Convention Season Part Two


Winter Convention season, is actually coming very well. Sac-Anime was a little boring, but I’m on a mission to change that this September. Animation on Display, was even greater than anything I could have expected. Not only did I learn a whole bunch of new things, but I’ve learned that it’s okay to fly solo sometimes. Mainly because I’m so used to having to worry about everyone in the entourage that now that I am more focused on myself, I can have the fun that I’ve been trying to have all along. Maybe some of it was, that I had to worry about so many people and so many groups. But I don’t have to worry about that anymore, I just have to worry about me. And that’s some good stuff.

As for the company, the winter season has been good. And I’ve begun getting ready for summer and fall convention season. Thinking about adding a few conventions that I was originally going to pass on, but we’ll see.

I am now on the search for art for all the aspects of our company. I’ve already chosen who will do the art for our professional side of the company. But for our independent projects such as "Otakudom Into Adulthood", our annual convention tours, and "Your Otaku Business". I want to have more of an otaku feel to it so that fans can relate. Yikes, am I about to spend a whole bunch of money on projects coming up.

As for Your Otaku Business, I’m so excited to have the first chapter done! Now I have Chapter’s 2 and 3 to begin the work on. But I am in this project for the long haul, because I know that this project is going to make a difference. And I can’t wait to see the benefits be rewarded.


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