An honest opinion about Valentines Day..

Someone replied to my comment about Valentines Day.

Person who left a comment: Actually valentines day was created by the Catholic church, as a day for married couples to celebrate their relationship. So it actually has significance, it’s not just a mindless hallmark event.

My Personal Response: 

You are correct, it is. But I don’t see the Catholic Church getting a cut of the money that comes from buying all the flowers, bears, chocolate, diamonds, and valentines cards. So someone tell me who is getting paid for that? It’s not me or you that’s for sure.

And what about us single people? What does this day mean for us? When you can come up with a good answer, I’ll stop calling Valentines Day a Hallmark Holiday. Because why should you spend one day of the year reminding the ones you love, that you love them. You should do that everyday, or you don’t really love the person.

I do friendship valentines, which celebrates the friendships that I have with people on Valentine’s day. But other than that, I don’t see the real point to Valentines’ Day.  Love is not a one day a year declaration, it should be an everyday declaration.


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