It’s the little random things.

I personally believe that Valentine’s day is a Hallmark created day. So me and my friends are going to have a good time and chill out on V-day. But no special dates or anything like that.

I always say that life is all about the little things. So here are some little tid-bits.

~I FINALLY had no choice but join Netflix, the video rental places near me have finally met their ends, so now I have no choice but to join the masses and buy into Netflix. That and the fact that Netflix will soon be able to be downloaded from my Wii, I have plenty of reasons to join the "rental click" and I can watch anime from anywhere. Score.

Oh, going off my last point, funny thing is, is that almost all of my DVD’s in my Netflix Queue is all anime. Could I not be anymore of freaking geek? And guess what? I am going to stream anime off my Wii too. It’s like the perfect thing for Nintendo, so HURRY UP Nintendo, and bring me my streaming anime stat!! 

~Speaking of the Wii, there is a new study out showing that Wii games including Wii Fit and Wii Sports can cause some new injuries.  The link of the story:

I think that it’s incredibly interesting that a video game that is designed to get people like myself off our butts and moving around can lead to new injuries. But I believe that it is possible, as the first day that I bought Wii Fit Plus with the Wii Board, I freaking stubbed my toe doing the step aerobics, and my toenail accidentally broke my skin. It hurt for days. But then again we gamers have a choice,  we can get obese and hurt ourselves in the long run with chronic conditions, or I can stub my toe, or fall off the board every now and again and get back up to try and lose some more weight. The choice is mine as it is yours.

~ WHO DAT WHO WON THE SUPER BOWL? New Orleans Saint’s is who won dat Super Bowl. Although I wish it were the Oakland Raiders good job to the New Orleans Saints. And don’t judge me, I’ve been a Raiders fan all my life. Wouldn’t change it for the world. But I would love to change some members of the team.

~Oh, and talk about the preview of movies at the Super Bowl? I can’t wait to see The Last Airbender and Prince of Persia. But Prince of Persia will be on hold since I am going to Fanime the same weekend it comes out. Lame. As well as Iron Man comes out the weekend I may be going to Bakersfield. But if there’s a midnight showing, I’m down.

~I have been watching with a great fervor the success of my fellow biz buddies and all the good things to come. To watch us all branch out and venture into new territories along with all the new things that are going to take place, it’s really exciting not only for them, but for us! Every little bit helps!

Okay, I’m going to bed now, or I may check out the anime streaming on Netflix. We’ll see.

~Venus Benihime-Sama


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