Why sometimes, not working on your computer is a good thing.

Hi everyone!

So my computer had been giving me a whole heap of trouble these last few weeks. I like to think that it’s acting this way because it has heard me mention many times, that I’m going to be buying a Netbook this summer. (Which is the actual truth, I need it so I can travel easier and with less weight on my freaking back.)

Too bad my main computer didn’t know that, I was going to send it to the computer builders and have them do some mega overhauls so that way my laptop can be the main computer while I’m at home and then the Netbook would only be brought out for traveling. But regardless, my computer just wouldn’t stop being a pain to the point where I finally had to make a decision and take it to maintenance shop.

But a new dilema arose. I was completely unaware about was that my computer’s insurance had ended, and that even then, they would do anything to make my laptop better unless I shelled out almost 300.00 for it. But as the fates would have it, on Tuesday, I went into a meeting with a fantastic internet marketing company. And walked into a office I had never seen before, and this office was nice and clean and would fit our company’s growth. Upon more information, it belonged to a computer repair company.

So, even though I was there for a marketing meeting, it came to pass that I would meet the awesome and humble owners of this computer company/virtual office owners. It was rather weird how that worked out! And they offered to give me a diagnostic and cleaning for my copmuter for FREE. And at the same time, we are now working out the details to have a office rental contract, and having them working on my laptop to make it even better!

Okay, my point is business owners, is that sometimes technology is a wonderful thing. But, sometimes technology causes you to lose sight of things you didn’t realize until then. So sometimes, not working on your computer, is a good thing.

Now I bet you are asking, “Well how are you writing this article?” Well that’s mainly due to the fact that my parents computer has been on loan while I am getting mine serviced. But the limiting of the time I can do work on it, has done wonders for me in limiting how much time I truly spend on the internet.

1) For current projects that I have going on, I’ve had a chance to go old school. I write things out and mull over them. Computers give us the luxury of writing everything we are thinking, without thinking about the repercussions of the situation. When you write it down on paper, you have time to analyze what you have written and make a detailed plan of the things you want to do.

2) When you have no computer to amuse your time, your mind actually begins to wander. And sometimes, that’s where the brilliant ideas come into play.  While I was doing some paperwork (handwriten), I came up with a wonderful business idea that now I want to make a reality this summer. (More to come with that soon)

3) In my situation, I would have never found a wonderful rental office opportunity, had I not taken the time and got to know this company. Sometimes, when you are so wrapped up in your computer, you forget that behind every computer is a person. So here’s a good reminder: don’t rely on the internet to be the main way for you to build your business. Although it now plays a major part, may I remind you, that it still will never beat the human touch and the human interaction. (But more about that at a later date as well.)

4) You would also be surprised how weird the world looks to you when you don’t have your computer. Everytime I look at my desk which is void of a computer, I have realized, that my desk is a total mess! Without your computer, sometimes you get a chance to take a look at the other things in your life. It’s like coming out of a great fog and realizing what your life has become.

There is so much more to life, than what people are saying on Facebook and Twitter. There is so much more to life, than to watch some random video on You Tube. Sometimes I feel our society has gotten so hung up in techonology that we have become codependent on it.

So my challenge to those of you who live your lives through Facebook and just your computer in general: “Log Off” your technology and go “Log In” to the world. Try it this weekend, and see if you don’t have some new perspectives on things. Blackberry’s and Smartphone checks count as well, so if you have to, turn your phone off to keep yourself from being tempted!

Have a good weekend business owners, don’t work too hard!



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