This Blog Was Created While Watching Star Wars

Hi there!

So for the longest time, I wanted to create a place where I can write about geeky related things and do so in an intellectual and insightful way. For those who do not know, I am the lead blogger of a blog called “The Adventures of Traveling Professionals” which is more business oriented and shares my adventures as an entrepreneur and professional who does a lot of traveling in my work to share my work and my love of life and business development with others.

But there is another side of me, that has been longing to be nurtured. And this is my geeky side. Although everyone have a little geekyness in  them, I am one of those rare types when I saw the Episode Four of the Star Wars Triliogy, I was officially going to be a big time geek. And as I have gotten older, my geeky needs have evolved and I now branch out into so many groups of geeks. And though this blog I wish to share that with everyone I know and love.

Now there are a lot of geeky and culturally in-depth websites on the internet who are looking for business and developing a new model for professionals to follow. I have no desire to challenge them or even try to get on their level of business operations. As a business coach, the first thing you learn is always stick to what you are good at doing. For me, it was always telling things like it is, and helping people achieve their goals and aspirations. Followed then by being a geeky and in love anything and everything unique and different in the world. As such, this blog is not ever to be used to gain profit or adversiting. In fact, I intend to do the opposite and pay to have this page be ad-free.

We are looking for more geeks to share their manifestos on geeky related topics, however, this is only a casual basis. But understand that this is a place for INTELLECTUAL conversation. Not where you can bitch and moan about why a certain player or a new game is frustrating to you. But you are welcome to talk about the science and the art of developing charcters in MMO’s or how certain styles of animation can depict anything you wish.

I will probably begin to write a series on the many complexities of the Star Wars world, but for now, let me say, thank you for checking out our blog, feel free to subscribe either to our FB or our email subscription to get the latest entries. We really appreciate it, and “May The Force Be With You”..


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