Things to Remember When Having a Relationship with a WoW Gamer

For the last few months, I had dated a wonderful man. He has a good job, is going to school to complete his degree, and he overall lives a very zenful and enjoyable life. He LOVES coffee and tea (big plus for me), enjoys video games, is a fan of baseball and soccer and he has such a wonderful taste in music. He treats me with great respect and when we hang out, we just have so much fun together and are just overall contentment in our relationship.

But there was one small catch. He played World Of Warcraft. I had heard many things about men who played WOW and how they use the game to cover their inadequacies. But as a video gamer, I have learned to not judge the gamer based on what they play, but to judge them on how they treat people outside of gaming time that is important.

But I write this blog, not to slam those who play WOW (as I am now a proud Warlock for the Alliance) but I write this blog for all those who are dating those who live the WOW lifestyle.

Here are a few things to remember, when dating a WOW gamer:

1) Respect the gaming time. But don’t be afraid to pull them away to make sure they give you the time you deserve

One of the things I didn’t like at first was that every time I would come over, is that as soon as we were done watching a movie or taking a small hike, he would start playing WOW again. And it would almost be disrespectful, but after dropping a few hints that I didn’t like that, he started to realize, that when hanging out, it means no WOW time, unless I’m playing as well. So out of fairness, one night we will do something non-WOW and the next time, I’ll bring my laptop and play WOW. The moral of this don’t be afraid to remind your beloved, that time spent with you is just as important as leveling up in a dungeon, and there will always be plenty of dungeons, but only one of you.

2) Be sure to have a lot of non-WOW related things in common.

This is for those who are dating WOW players and they are players. You have to have more in common besides your WOW characters. Dating and relationships cannot be bound based on what your characters are doing. You need to have an outside relationship with non-WOW things. I mean, you never know when your internet will be out and you both are going to have to find things to do that you both like. And that’s usually where the relationship may have some problems.

3) If you can’t beat em–join em.

When I first found out my man played WOW, I was not a player of the series. So out of curiosity, I began to start playing the series, and I discovered why many people enjoy the series. Now, due to work constraints, I can’t play as much I wish to play, but I better understand the world of Azeroth and how it all works. Furthermore, because I don’t play as much, I always have questions for my man about tips and special add-ons to make things better. So it’s always a give and take situation.

4) Remember, it’s just a game. Don’t take things too seriously.

I have seen this happen to fellow gamer couples, where they would get all pissed off, over the game and then it turns into a relationship issue. You have to remember that games are what they are. When they are over, and you log-off, life begins. You must respect your beloved and your beloved needs to respect you. Remember that there is so much more to life than the world of Azeroth and you relationship shouldn’t be reliant on that. As a joke, I wear an Alliance t-shirt for when I can to irritate (in a fun way) him because he’s a die-hard member of the Horde.

5) Last but not least-Love your beloved gamer, for who they are, and you make sure you show that.

I care deeply about my beloved horde gamer. And not just because they play video games like I do, but because he is a caring, respectful, intelligent and intimate person. Who loves to play video games, but loves life just as much as the world that he plays in. And I wouldn’t change not one part of him for anything in this world. Not even WOW Gold either. And every chance I get to show him that, I take full advantage of it, and you should as well.


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