Things to Bring To A Convention Staff Meeting

These past few weeks, I have been preparing to work an Anime and Asian culture convention. For the sake of privacy,  I will not mention the convention name. But as I have been attending many meetings, I have realized that there are things you need to have with you, while attending meetings.

1) Cell Phone–It is amazing how cell phones have changed our society, but in convention planning they are essential. Cell phones keep staffers from far away in touch with everything that is going on. When the convention is taking place, staff members can keep in touch without having to run around all over the place.

2) A Notebook/Binder- If you are just an underling, you just need a notebook in case you need to take some notes about things. If you are a department head or even the owner of a convention, it would be best for you to consider a binder since you will be responsible for many things and needs. Also, it’s always good to have a notebook so you can take  notes about what is working and what doesn’t work during the convention.

3) Laptops or other digital computer apparatus– Definitely good if you are a part of any IT or website design for your convention. If your convention does digital registration, computers are essential. If you are not doing anything big, it is suggested that you forgo the laptop.

4) Parking and food money–great for before and after the meeting. Also needed if you are going to a city convention that requires you having to pay for parking. Food money is great if you guys want to continue your meeting over dinner.

5) FOOD!-Snacks are your friend and make you the envy of the entire staff who does not come prepared. Candy also counts too, but not as awesome as food.

6) Some sort of distraction to keep you busy during staff time-If there is any downtime, it’s good to have some time off, and get your gaming on. My choice? My DSI XL with Dragon Quest IX in it.

As you prepare for your geek convention, keep these tools in mind to help you aid in your meeting time, so that it remain productive, with a touch a fun.


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