Keeping It Real–International vs. American Dramas

So a little change of pace! These last few weeks, I’ve been watching quite a lot of international dramas. (I’m currently on a Korean kick, but I’ve watched Spanish, Chinese and Filipino Dramas)  And the more I watch them, the more I think that American Television should take some hints and ideas from international television. Here is some big differences between American and International Dramas.

1) Most International Dramas come to an END!! My mother has been watching “The Young And The Restless” for 25 years. And it has maintained the same styles, characters, plot lines and have very little twists to them. With most international dramas, even the longer series come to an end within two to three years. And one thing that is great about a lot of international dramas, is that all loose ends are tied. Whether they are good or bad depends on the story, but when you are done with the drama, it makes sure that you are not left wondering.

2) Most international dramas are not as superficial and melodramatic as you think. Although many international dramas get a lot of flack for talking about real life issues and ideas, in a world full of superficial and vain reality television, for many fans it’s good to see real dramas that talk about real issues and people in their own cultures and lifestyles. For many international drama fans, that’s what attracts them the most, is the realism and how many countries tie in their traditions into their dramas instead of separating them from the rest of the world.

3) Going off the last point, a lot of international dramas, do incorporate their own countries history into their dramas instead of just leaving it in the history books. Many well-known dramas such as The Slave Hunters incorporate the real life events of the Korean slave trade in the early 1100’s and with a modern twist, makes history a lot more interesting to watch.

4) A lot of international drama, use all ages in their dramas as well. In America, most older actors, begin to have a hard time being casted, whereas in the international community, they work with all ages young and old. You add-on top that many dramas require big casts that vary in ages, and you have work for everyone. Something we Americans should consider more often (like the return of Betty White in her 80’s).

5) But one of the biggest reason that international dramas have their highest appeal with Americans, is the fact that these dramas showcase real people, set into real situations. Add a little drama, and genuine emotion, then you can’t help but laugh, cry, be angry and understanding with these characters. These characters are not placed in some surreal world that doesn’t exist, these stories are set in places that are real, and many of the characters are people who you see in your real life. Or characters that you yourself have been placed into.

For those who are looking for something new and fresh to watch, consider an international drama. Whatever it is, you may be surprised as to what you may feeling emotionally attached for.


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