An Open Letter To Vampire Story Writers

Dear Vampire Writers and Aspiring Vampire Novelists,

I write this letter, as a plea for all fans, and even non-fans of Vampire novels, to ask you all to improve your writings of vampires. Being a fan of vampire novels myself, the last decade of vampire novels, have actually made me very disappointed in how writers have lost creativity, or are just looking to get paid. So it is my hope, that as you craft your novels, you will take my following suggestions and recommendations.

1) Your vampire is NOT cool, hot or sexy, if it sparkles in the sunlight. First of all, vampires should burn and die in sunlight, and it just makes the vampire look gay. Stephanie Meyer, you have made an entire generation think, that vampires can be vegan creatures that can walk around in the daytime. Which is not the case, and makes the vampire look soft. Credit for trying to soften the badness of vampires to a younger audience, but vampires are not cute and sparkling. Period.

2) Please stop creating characters who have emo, depressing, or morose attitudes towards life. Yes I understand that it’s hard being a vampire, but they do not need to spend thousands of years being emo doucebags. It’s okay for them to have a dark look on the world since they live forever and all, but many writers use this attitude to lament over their own personal lives. Although many writers do take a little of their lives when creating their characters, if your life is THAT bad, perhaps you should not only consider therapy, but also consider writing a different genre.

3) I cannot stress enough about the importance of RESEARCHING your character’s lifestyle. This happens a lot more in aspiring novelists who are honing their skills. But as in the Role-playing world as in the regular writing world, research is everything. I have read many amateur writers, who have great plots, but it doesn’t work, because they did not do their legwork, and the story doesn’t line up correctly. This is definitely important if you are doing a historical time piece as well. As nothing would bring more displeasure to others, than to see a 1940’s car in a 1880’s story. Furthermore, when vampire writers do their research, they realize the important stigmas and issues that surround the lifestyle.  I am really getting annoyed of reading about vampires who can walk around in the daylight without any consequence.

4) For the sake of all readers everywhere, please stop integrating werewolves into your stories! Very few writers can have both in a storyline and have them not only make sense, but be written well. Add the time it takes for both to be developed, it really ends up being too much for most readers. Do us all a great favor and if you aren’t going to take the time and fully develop the characters and do your research, write them separately. Crossing paths is cool, but don’t overload us please.

5) Now, we are all for some good vampire loving. But dear writers, please keep it in decent taste! I am a fan of Charlene Harris, but one of the things I hate about the TV show True Blood, is how intense the naughty sections of the series are. It’s almost pornography with a plot. And although I like Charlene Harris’ writing, the level of smut in the books is very tame in comparison to the show that was adapted from her books. Furthermore, although sex does sell in this modern society, it can’t be all about the sex. So unless you are writing an erotica vampire novel, keep the sex down to a rated “R” movie at least.

6) Please bring an end to the human/vampire angst love stories!!! Twilight unleashed a wave of human/vampire love stories, which while they are a valid genre of vampire writing, everyone is doing it, but they aren’t doing very well with it. The main problem is, that this genre is pushed to younger audiences, and when they get older and start reading some older vampire novels, they hate them because they are not what they are used to. And in reality, how many vampires really have a good love relationship with humans? Especially when you add this little thing called “time”? Come on writers, we can do a little better than that.

7) Last but not least, if you don’t have anything good to write about for your characters, take a break and stop writing about them. As we as human beings need breaks, sometimes so do characters. There are a lot of series in which the writer keeps going on and on, and talks about things that make no sense to the character or the storyline. When you are wasting time just to get paid, that’s not fair to your editing staff, but your readers as well. Take a break and let your fans know why. Sometimes it’s better to take a break and go write something else.

It is with my hope, that fans and fellow writers will take these suggestions, and enhance their writing to make a vampire series that will gather fans and enjoy your writings even more.

All my love and wishing you success,
~Venus — Owner of The Geeky Manifestos Blog


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