Convention Talk: Things to do at a Convention!

So for most of us, this month, we begin to plan our convention trips for the year. But for many people this year, it is going to be the fist time that they have ever been to a convention. This entry is for you, because once you get your convention badge, the whole convention is your oyster. And it can get overwhelming in deciding what you want to do and see. So today, we are going to talk about the many things you can do at a convention. Now a note to the reader, conventions usually will vary due to the type of convention. Anime, Comic, Sci-fi and other conventions may differ and have aspects you may not have known before.

Parts of a Convention:

Registration: All convention goers must go through the registration lines of the convention unless you get that rare convention that mails out their badges in advance. I also personally think, that this is the first impression about a convention and it is important that although the wait may be long, it will be a worthy process for all involved.

Vendors/Dealers Hall: Every conventions’ personal shopping area. But be forewarned, do your research before you drop your hard-earned money. For you may be overcharged or worse be burned by fake items. Only buy if you know it’s something you are willing to spend the money on.

Artists Alley: This area may take on a few different other names, but this is where smaller artists, can come and not only showcase their talents, but earn a few commissions and get a little money to build their book and careers. Piece of advice from a convention veteran, always go into the Artist Alley before the dealer’s room. Many times you’ll find what you are looking for, and at a better price than what you thought you could.

Panels and Workshops: Here is where learning and building takes place. Along with good crazy fun as well, many fans gather and show their wisdom on certain ideas and aspects of geekdom. Be ready to learn something new and have a little fun while you are at it.

Gaming Halls: This is where all the good gaming time takes place! With everything from WoW to Risk, there is always space for all games to be played, and play with people all over the area.

Viewing Rooms: This is more common at anime and sci-fi conventions, but there is usually a place where fans can watch old school and new school shows and dramas from all over the world as well as within the fandom as well.

Room Parties and Convention Suites: This is more common in sci-fi and comic conventions. And yes, it’s like it says, it’s a suite, where people can eat, drink, fellowship and have fun. And in my adventures, I have seen hotel rooms be flipped into many different things through a convention.

Cosplay Events: Cosplayers all over the place, come to conventions to show off their designs and hard work.  But there are gatherings, masquerades, balls, dances and parties all over the place. Costumers all over the place at a convention, so be ready for anything and characters of all lives.

Dances and Music: There is always some form of dance and music at conventions, whether it be big names, or smaller names of people who are trying to break out. It’s always fun to see music events because they are always fun and good times for all peeps involved.

Other events that make a convention: there are still so many other things that make a convention. Special events like gaming tournaments, maid cafe’s, manga libraries, butler cafe, and in some cases, free food events (I know a few conventions where that is what draws the crowd every year.)

So as you are getting ready for your convention experience, pace yourself and know that there is always something to do. So long as you take a shower and sleep a few hours, you should be okay.


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