The Case For Used Book Stores

Now don’t get me wrong, I love buying new books. But with the economic downturn has really made things hard to spend full price on books. And I love libraries too, but I always forget to return my books, so I end up always owning money to the library. But for many geeks in this day and age, our new resource is the old friends at the used bookstore.

The used bookstore is a great resource for those who live in small towns, and don’t always have access to big bookstores or who live on limited means and can’t always buy brand new books. So here is my case for hitting up the used bookstore:

1: There are many of us who read voraciously and consequently go through books very quickly. So when we are done, what do we do with our books? This is where many used book stores come in. You see, your books, becomes new inventory for the book store. Especially if its a recent book that fellow readers have been looking for. So there’s always business for the avid reader.

2: I have always been a supporter of small business, and with the exception of a few companies, most used bookstores are small mom-and-pop shops. Usually they are good people, who are fellow avid book readers and can guide you in what to get next.

3: Many used bookstores, have a trade in credit program for the books you trade in. Many will also allow you to bring back those same books for trade credit as well.

4: Manga readers, the same go for you as well. Especially with many used bookstores always in need for new manga. The nice thing, is many used bookstores can also order from publishers and even main distributors themselves. I myself have ordered some, and I noticed that used bookstores get the books faster and I didn’t have to pay for shipping and stuff!

5: You will be surprised what books you find while you are there. There are many books that remind you of your childhood and even books you recently read that you may want to re-read! Also great if you have children, and you want them to read some new books that you read as a child.

All in all, don’t be afraid to try out your local bookstore. It’s good for them, and many times even better for you!


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