Rebellion and The Freedom To Live

I find it funny, that as I am currently reading The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, the current uprisings in Tunisia and in Egypt, take place right before my very eyes. The Geeky Manifestos, is in support of all countries that wish to govern themselves in a peaceful manner, but this entry is not going to talk about that. We instead, are going to share the similarities, between the fictional country of Panem and it’s 12 districts, and the uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia.

Geeky Book Reader Note: This is a no-spoiler entry for those who are still reading The Hunger Games series. If you have at least read the first book, you should be okay.

1)  The Causes of Rebellion are the same: Hunger and lack of decent living conditions, unemployment, a government who reigns through absolutism, a corrupt and destructive military/police force, censorship of the freedom to express oneself. All these little things easily can begin to change the mood of people.

2) The goods and services of a country are depleted and/or are not rationed fairly: “The Capitol” as Panem calls its central government, is control of all goods and services, with everything from hot water, electricity and even grain is rationed and given out not only by whom is being the most loyal to them, but also punishes those who are not, by starvation, or taking away their abilities to feed themselves by stopping their work and wages. In Egypt and Tunisia, the countries had been for many years dealing with soaring prices of food and oil, even worse rises in unemployment, and a government doing nothing for those who dare think of another way to make a way for themselves that is not pleasing to the government.

3) Media is controlled and limited to only what the Government you want to see: In a literally undocumented and unprecedented event, the government of Egypt, shut down their entire internet, cellphone and broadband connections. Only the government news is broadcasting in the evening, and all other forms of television has come to a screeching halt. In the last few days, they have begun to return some services back to the people, but not everything  has returned. In Panem, the only TV that people see, is the news that is broadcasting by the government. All videos are edited and with the exception of The Hunger Games, not shown to the general public.

4) The government is a dictatorship that look like a peaceful democracy. But in truth, the government is vicious and merciless.: To keep spoilage down, read the books, and you will understand why I say this point. And in Egypt and Tunisia, they hold elections, and their government is structured like a democracy. But in truth, there has been the same leaders for over 30 years and the elections are shams.

5) People take to the streets in protest.. And although they try to do it peacefully, it doesn’t end well. : In both the uprisings, and in the book, the people finally revolt against their governments and try as hard as they could to keep things as peaceful as possible, it ended ugly and violently.

It is our hope, that the people of Tunisia and Egypt have peaceful transitions, and that it does not end like the country of Panem.. But to that, you have to read the book to find out..


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