Convention Wrap-Up: AOD SF 2011

I know, it's time I finally talked about it huh?

One of the downsides to having a professional life, and having a geek life, is that sometimes, you go from a geeky life, to a professional life in the matter of a few hours. So I apologize for the delay of this blog, but as a traveling nursing professional, it makes things harder to make the time to blog on a regular basis.

When I go to events, I love to share what worked and what didn’t work to help the convention grow. Last weekend, I went to Animation on Display in San Francisco. Now this convention is one that is near and dear to my heart. For many years, I have made the trek to San Francisco and it always turned out to be a great experience for me. This year was no different, as I made the trek to showcase some new panels that I have going on.

Panels Hosted:


Cosplay Photography for Absolute Beginners, which turned out to be a whole lot of fun, and I got to interact with so many others who are learning more and more about their cameras. I even got to make a joke about Photobucket, because on my presentation had the named misspelled. I think there is a “photobuck” somewhere on the internet. I should look it up.

The Way of The RPG, was a little smaller more intimate group who learned a lot more about RPG’s, their histories and where they are going. But it was a very strong panel. We even talked about Monsters and Dragons. Which was a great movie nonetheless.

WoW For The Non-WoWed, was a great intro panel to those who wanted to learn more about WoW. I would like to have it at an earlier time next year, since by Sunday, it was already a pretty bare convention.

Pros and Cons About AOD:

View from the 16th Floor of the Hotel Kabuki.. SICK..


~ Last year I had a major fiasco with the hotel, and this year, it seems everything has been gotten together, and I had no issues at all.

~ Registration was so immeasurebly easy, I worried that there was something wrong. But I am glad that it wasn’t too insane for me, or for my traveling companion.

~ As always, there is a wide selection of panels and events for all walks of fandom. To me, that’s the biggest pull about this convention. With everything from Teaching Manga to the History of the Magikarp (no joke.) there was something for everyone.

~ They had late night events for the adults too!!! They had an adult game show with the guests of honor, and a burlesque show… Which is definately a good start for a convention that is known to shut down at 10pm.

Spam Musubi FTW

~ Gaming wise, they always have a great collection of games! They even had a special Tag Mode event for Dragon Quest IX. Which made me very happy, because I got a bunch of maps for treasure hunting. YAY!

~Did we mention that Japantown food is super good food? In case I didn’t mention, that, let me go ahead and do that now! And Of course we can’t forget crepes.. Mmmmm. Crepes.. And I found some spam musubi (an addiction of mine) which made my weekend even better!



Cons to Convention:

Kaitlyn chilling on Saturday between the rain storms.

~Although I had no issues with the hotel checkin, somehow, I ended up on the 16th floor of the main building. Which had mega awesome views, but the elevators made me a little dizzy.

~The rain wreaked havoc on us on Saturday, which lead to con-goers, being holed up in the convention hotel on top of each other. Now the convention is pretty small, but the rain didn’t help because con-goers didn’t have a place to go. Problem solved on Sunday, but by then the damage was done.

~ The hotel layout has always been a little confusing to me. so I’ve learned to make due, but it did have it’s moments when I was trying to find out where everyone was.

~ The masquerade was a little flat. Now the people who won, totally deserved to win, but I was expecting a little more jazz. Especially since this year, AOD gave a $500 cash prize to the Best in Show winner. We’ll save the talk about cash prize winning masquerades a little later, but it was not the worst masqerade I’ve seen. *coughs*Sac-Anime*coughs*

~AOD’s late night programing wasn’t terrible, but it wasnt that great either. Granted, this is the first year, and they will probably improve upon it next year. But I think that they will grow in the future.

Favorite picture from the convention. 10 points if you know who this is.

~One thing that I think a lot of Nor-Cal conventions should take from So-Cal conventions, is this thing called “Con Suites”. Now for those who don’t know, a Convention Suite, usually is a hotel room or a small meeting room, which they flip into a room full of snacks and drinks where people can come and refresh themselves. Many suites have tons of food, and some just leave little easy portable snacks. But I personally think, that by having a con suite, people have a place to go, sit, either with food, or their own food, eat and fellowship. (Just don’t put a maid cafe in there. It doesn’t work very well.)

All in all, this convention is just a great convention. Yes they have room to grow and come up with new ideas to keep con-goers coming. But things are looking good. I already can’t wait for next year!


One comment on “Convention Wrap-Up: AOD SF 2011

  1. I like your new theme. It makes the content easier to read.

    Thanks for posting about AOD. I was unaware of this event and the way you describe it makes it seem hella interesting.

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