The Oscars Done Geek Style!

The Winner of 5 Awards, including the prized "Best Motion Picture"-- Can't wait to buy it on DVD!!!

This past Sunday, was the 83rd Academy Awards. Normally I don’t watch this awards show since I don’t get the time to watch a lot of the movies that were up for the awards. But this year, after watching “The King’s Speech” I wanted nothing more to win since it was such a great movie about a King being a human being, not just a king.

But as I was watching the Oscars, the show didn’t really keep me that interested. (Although Melissa Leo dropping the F*** bomb was hilarious. And I know alot would say the same thing if they were up winning one themselves.) But what did keep me interested, was all the montages that were in the show. They were not only original, and in some cases funny, but they gave a new look to the Oscars. Not just making it some big high-end awards show. But for everyone, as a reminder that in the end, the movies are for everyone.

For the geek in all of us, these montages is absolutely hilarious. There was one done by the famous Gregory Brothers, that stole the show. (Geeks know them for the remix of the Bed Intruder song, which was a major hit on YouTube. Click here to see the link.) It combines Harry Potter, Toy Story 3, The Social Network and Twilight-Eclipse all into an Autotuned performance. Only a geek would have done this, and only geeks can truly appreciate it. I love the Social Network section, since it fits Justin Timberlake’s style.

The Original Oscar’s Version:

Remixed version with The King’s Speech–LOL

There was also the one which talked about our favorite movie songs, and all of the ones on their were ones I knew and also loved.

Favorite Movie Song:

I think this was one of my most memorable to date. I think the Academy did a good job of taking things back to their roots and reminding people, that even in these troubled times, there is still a place for people to share a laugh, cry, and a reminder that we are all human beings with emotions and stories to tell. I think that if the Oscar’s continue to keep this mantra in their awards show, they will be on a good track to regaining the love of the movie affections in all of us.


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