Book Review: “I <3 Geeks"–Carrie Tucker

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For many months we have been many geek manuals about understanding fellow geeks outside our lifestyles. But this book nails it on the head. Given to me as a gift from a friend of mine, This book is designed to educate and showcase the book for all geeks and non-geeks alike.


Pros to the Book:

  • Talks about ever major genre in fandom. Sports, Anime, Sci-Fi, Gaming, TV-Movies, Technology
  • Give great examples for what specific modern-day works of a fandom, slang terms, and even well known events.
  • It’s pretty thorough when it talks about what to expect from a certain type of geek.
  • And any geeky book that requires an index in the back, means that this is a book worth at least looking into.

Cons to the book:

  • This book was originally published in 2009, and since fandom is an ever evolving lifestyle, there are many things the book misses that has recently emerged.
  • While it does very well for handling major genres, it doesn’t do well to explain sub-genres of fandom. As well as it is lacking in emerging geekdoms like Cyberpunk/Steampunk and LARP
  • There are some major genres that are missing (such as bookophiles) as well as some that do have major followings. Although, I do forgive a few of the ones that I think are missing, since to many they are more considered “fetishes” instead of fandoms.

Overall this book is essential for those who date, or are affiliated with different types of geeks in your life. It’s also really great, because it shares that although we are all different in our preferences, we are all the same and should be loved and respected the same way.


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