Cosplay For All: Developing a Good Masquerade Skit

As we continue our two month adventure in cosplay talk, we’re going to talk about a very important of the cosplay community: The Cosplay Masquerade… This traditional event at all convention is one where cosplayers showcase their work on the stage, as well as have a little fun. But as you are all preparing your moment of cosplay glory, here are some tips to improve your skits, and who knows? Even win some prizes!

Tips to Developing A Good Masquerade Skit!

1) Originality Pays!!!

You know, I’ve seen a lot of Masquerades in my time, and I think every trend in Anime/Comics always ends up on the stage. But the downside to this, is that all the skits end up looking all the same. Doing something new and fresh definitely gives you an edge over the competition for Best in Show.

2) Read The Conventions’ Rules on Masquerade Skits. Each one is different!

Don’t get disqualified before you even get started because you didn’t follow the rules! Conventions are usually very strict on cosplay rules since they have to govern a whole bunch of people. So don’t end up on being disappointing because you did not properly read the rules and play by them. 

3) Keep things simple! You don’t have a lot of time!

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to do way too much in the few minutes you have on stage. By keeping things simple you leave room for creativity and time.

4) No wardrobe malfunctions allowed!

I think that’s all that needs to be said on this topic.

5) Have multiple formats of your music ready if there is any issues.

This is usually the biggest downfall of even the best skits. Having multiple copies and formats will protect you for when something happens before your skit. Having more than one copy of the CD also helps too.

6) Carry very little to no props with you on stage!

Isn’t the point of cosplay, to showcase your costumes, not your props and other things on stage? If you must have some, carry very little and make sure they will not damage the stage. Also make sure they follow the rules for the convention as well.

7) Be humbled and gracious whether you or not you win.

Masquerades are a lot like beauty pageants. Everyone is going to be awesome and be on their best game, but there is only one who can win the crown. So if you don’t win the crown, be humble and happy for the winners, and if you do, thank your fellow competitors and be humble as you leave the event. You never know who you may meet or be working with in the future so keep yourself in check.

8 ) Through the entire masquerade, please remember to be respectful and kind to your fellow cosplayers.

You know, I’m a big person on respect to those who are in the same competitions. You will see these people again, especially if you go to more than one convention in your local area. The last thing you want to do is have people look at you and go “eww–so and so is here”. That’s a terrible way to be remembered in the convention scene.


Don’t take yourself too seriously on stage. Go out there and have a good time! Enjoy your few minutes of convention fame!!!


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