*Looks at last post*

Oh man. Totally failed at keeping the blog going. See the thing about owning a blog, is that its very hard to keep writing if you work a lot. Unfortunately, since I am a “real life healer” I work a lot of long and hard hours. So blogging takes a back seat. Especially when you have to do all the writing and editing yourself.

Well now that things are working out, we’re coming back with a whole new bunch of updates!

Lord Milo, working on the next great entry in our blog! Or I think he was fixing my computer at the time too...

First of all, we are welcoming our new Senior Editor of Awesomeness: Lord Milo and he will be making sure things get published on time and looks awesome! You may see him write a few posts himself :)

Secondly, we are starting some new weekly columns. Friday’s are becoming “Friday Night Dungeons” where it’s all about Tabletop and Old School Gaming. Mondays will be turning into”Monday Cosplay Madness”, where we are going to talk about all things Cosplay/Costumes related. We may also have extra columns and ongoing series as the weeks and months progress.

We are also updating not only our travel schedule, but we will be interviewing lots of new and awesome people in the geek world. We may be coming to your area, so stay tuned by checking out our Facebook page or our Twitter to keep abreast of all our adventures!

We are also still on the hunt for more writers as well. As we expand our knowledge and adventures, we would love to have more writers help us spread more information and wisdom with other geeks. If you are interested, please check out our page “About The Geeky Manifestos” and head to “Join us” page.

We are so grateful to all our fans all over the place who support our blog by telling your friends and by sharing your awesome stories with us. We look forward to hearing more and seeing more as we evolve!


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