Ten Great Places for Geeks To Gather–Besides Conventions!

YAY Bookstores!!!

So for some people, the weather is beginning to change. But for some of us, the weather is still looking like winter outside. So for geeks, who are in between conventions, finding a place to gather, is hard to find. So we at The Geeky Manifestos, have found ten great places where geeks can always gather in a safe enviroment to hang out, strategize and over all just have fun. Although there are many other creative places you can hang out and have a good time with friends, these are our suggestions for places to go.

1) THE BOOKSTORE!!!– To date, the best place still to hang out, learn about new books and check out things is at the bookstore! There you can chill on a latte, and play Magic The Gathering, or learn more about Magic too. It’s also a great resource to find game materials and books. Now you may get some weird looks from people who are wondering what they heck you are doing in a bookstore, but most of the time, they mind their own business and you get to do your own thing.

2) The Game Shop–Gamers of all kinds have a place to go. And it’s called the game shop! For me, Lord Milo and a few other friends of ours, it’s a little place called Ye Olde World Games. There, we can play games of all sorts, video, tabletop, Magic the Gathering and yes, even Dungeons and Dragons (which is where our new column is coming from soon!) Usually you have to pay a small fee to play, but they usually have a formidable snack bar where you can eat and drink to your heart’s delight, and you will always meet the most interesting people from all over who come to play even for just a little while.

3) Bowling Alley’s–Now here’s the thing, yes they expect you to bowl while you are there, but there are plenty of places where you can just hang out, play some air hockey and overall have a good time. Bowling alleys are also great for bigger groups of friends as it’s got the room for everyone. Just remember to bring cash with you, since most bowling alley’s don’t have ATM machines.

4) The Gamer’s Garage!–I don’t highly recommend this in the winter time when it’s really cold. But in the summer, when the nights are warm and you have all the time in the world, I recommend finding a friends’ garage and going to hang out there!! I always recommending bringing food or drinks to share if you go that route.

5) Coffee Shops–This location, is better for smaller meetings and for groups who are just shooting the breeze and chilling. It’s always recommended that at least two people out of the group get something to drink so that the coffee shop doesn’t throw you out for loitering.

6) Special Gaming Events-Got a game you play on the regular? Find out where they are having tournaments! You may have to pay to get in, but once your in, there is nothing but space for you to get your game on in. And many of these events run 24 hours easily. All the more reason to go!

7) The Library–Now there are some libraries that hold special events where you are allowed to talk and talk loudly. But for the most part, so long as you keep it down, there is always room to work, converse, plan, and even build dungeons.(Something that has helped me in when dungeon building.)

8 ) Hotel Lobbies–Now this is more for those who do travel a lot for conventions or other special events. There is a reason that hotel lobbies are designed to be plush and welcoming, because they want you to sit there and eventually stay there. So hotel lobbies are great spaces to kick back and play something that’s not too loud. A few friends and I in the past have played Dominoes while celebrating a friends’ birthday.

9) 24 Hour Restaurants- Now these places are not recommended for gamers or for those on a tight budget, but if you are looking for a place to kick it in the middle of the night, that’s safe, clean and has good food or coffee, 24 Hour Resturants are the way to go.

10) A Cafeteria–Now this one is a little harder to justify. As now adays the only cafeterias that open during late hours, are hospital ones. But as a “Real Life Healer” I spend most of my spare time in hospital cafeterias having geeky moments. Usually with coworkers chilling with me having just the time of their lives. So I recommend them, unlesss the reason you are in there is because you and some friends did something stupid. Then I’m not so psyched.


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