Friday Night Dungeons 6/10/11: Getting Your Game Started!

As the saying goes: You play by the dice, you live by the dice.

Welcome to Friday Night Dungeon’s! This is our column that talks about all things Traditional RPG gaming. This week, we are talking about all the things that you need to get started in a Tabletop RPG games.

So here’s the short list of supplies needed (we’ll get to the in-depth later. )

The Short List of Supplies:

  • Notebook or notepad
  • Dice and Dice Bags
  • Pencils
  • Character Sheets of whatever game that you are playing
  • Character guides or manuals of whatever game you are playing.
  • Laptops (great for digital copies of any reference books, or if you want to blog while playing.)
  • Flash/External Hard Drives (Great for transferring files and character sheets to people
  • Calculator (for those who are bad at counting.)
  • A formidable backpack. Preferably one that can hold a good amount of stuff.

Getting things together:

Always remember to talk with the Game Master (or GM for short) before starting a game. Usually they will walk you through what is going on and how to prepare properly for the game. They are also your info-desk, providing you the information that you need to create a character that will fit well into the world of the game.

Get to know the people in your group. You learn new things and they are the same people you will probably be playing with for weeks if not months at a time.

Do you research, whatever game your are playing, be sure to look into the rule book and learn not only the basics of play (combat, how skill checks work, etc.), but what you can and cannot do according to the rules.

Avoid “metagaming” by playing creatively and remembering the rules. When in doubt: ASK!

Be serious, but don’t take it too seriously. At the same time, if you aren’t going to play, don’t go. Respect your fellow players by coming to play for the whole time.

That’s all this week for Friday Night Dungeons! Tune in next week, when we talk about the types of games there are and what to expect when playing.


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