Pro-Geeking isnt Easy… Part One

I take today’s entry title from the gangster song titled “Pimping Isn’t Easy”. but it explains my life quite well, with the exceptions of you know, promoting prostitution and drug dealing.  However, the song talks about how doing the things you want to do, versus doing the things we need to do is never easy. But the overall theme this week is simple: being a geek is not easy and being a progeek is even harder.

In 2006, I created a company called “The Printed Otakus”. I had a great team of people at the time, helping me build it to a successful business. Although I was running a successful business, I decided to take a professional career route into the nursing profession. I succeeded in my goals, but it eventually took a toll to the point where I had to make a decision: Do I stay with my non-geeky career, or do I keep my geeky one? This is a tough and touchy topic for most geeks, as we would all love to just spend the whole day doing geeky things and get paid to do so. But alas, only a very few privileged people get that opportunity.

I choose the non-geeky route in life. I now work in a great job with really great people. Somedays it’s hard, but what in life is not hard? I closed my business in 2009 and moved away from all things geeky. But it wasn’t until 2010 that I realized how much I was missing from my life. I don’t mean friends or socially, but the things that made me who I was. It was my geekiness that made me happy, and kept me sane and out of all the drama.

In September of 2010, I began this blog, with one goal in mind: to not only share what I knew already, but learn as much as I could about new geekdoms. In doing this, I expanded my own world, and still was able to work a normal job. But all things don’t work sometimes. I have been joked about by my peers, who think that what I do is childish. But the minute something geeky happens that they don’t understand, I’m the first person they ask.  Despite the adversity, it has been a rewarding endeavor; through this mission I have met and worked with my editor Emilio and met new interesting people who have changed how I see things and what I should do..

There are always going to be obstacles in my way as I go about my business, but it is important that I remember and stay true to who I am. Pro-geeking may not be easy, but it’s me, and I won’t break  that for anything in this world.


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