Pro-Geeking Isn’t Easy… Part Two

So last entry, I shared about how having a geek/work/life balance is not an easy thing to do. Those who are professional geeks  have a hard time balancing all of these things as well. So, this entry is to share tips on to making your geek life balancing act a little easier. This list has been compiled over the years from those whom I have worked and spent time talking about so many things with.

1) PRIORITIZE!!! There is always going to be something that is more important than gaming or whatever geeky thing you need to do. But by prioritizing, you get everything in order and are able to knock out the bigger things that can hinder your geek time.

2) Remember that YOU always come first. Take care of yourself in both your physical and emotional states. Even if it means just doing your laundry and taking a shower, those things are very important to you being able to enjoy your geekdom.

3) Work hard no matter what. If you don’t like what you do, change it. But be sure you have something to supplement your lifestyle.

4) Time management is essential! Whether you realize it or not, most geeks already schedule their geek time. So do the same and you are set.

5) Always complete one project before starting a new one, or at least put the project in a place where you can put it on hold before moving on.

6) Fansource! Do so to help lighten your load, and help a fellow geek out as well!

7) There will always be another opportunity. But do your best to not pass on too many good ones!

8) As Shakespeare put it: “Love all, Trust a few, do harm to none”. The geek version is: “Respect all, trust a few, and do harm to none.”


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