The Case For Con-Suites

Convention Suites or Con-Suites as I like to call them, are specific rooms or places where con-goers can chill and rest after running around the convention. More common in smaller conventions, than at larger ones. They should also not be confused with con-parties which happens in specific hotel rooms at the convention. Con-suites usually have small snacks or light food available for con-goers where they can recharge from the insanity of the convention. They are also homes to cosplay repair stations and even first aid stations where everything from band-aids to condoms (yes, they do give them out) in conventions.

But one of the biggest perks to most con-suites is that they are not badged spaces, which makes it a great space for family members who do not wish to take part in the convention madness.  There is a place for them to go in which keeps them calm, and helps them work on whatever it is they want to work on. Due to many legal issues, you will not see many con-suites at bigger conventions.

If you are a convention runner, and you are considering having a con-suite, there are some things you should consider when building and planning your convention suite!

DO: Have an adequate space for your con-suite. Hotel rooms, unless they are really big ones, are not good ones. Conference room or even a small meeting room can do the trick.

DO: Provide small snacks/water if possible. If you at least have a refillable water station, that’s even better. Also if there is a small first aid kit, or someone available to get that first aid kit in the room, then that is a bonus.

DON’T: Put your maid cafe in there. If you are in a big space then you can. But if not, allocate a time and space for them. Be sure that the room can actually fit in the con-suite.

DON’T: Provide full meals without payment. A lot of conventions have gotten into trouble about cooking food in their hotel rooms. If you already have full meals, make sure that they are already pre-cooked, and that you protect your convention.

DO: Have plenty of chairs. Although people will come in and out and with plenty of seating there will be no serious issues. Although many con-goers will just sit on the floor.

DON’T: Have beds in the room. Bad idea on a lot of levels.

DO: Always have a staffer in the con-suite. This keeps things in check, and at the same time, if there are any questions, people can ask.

DON’T: Be open 24 hours. For legal reasons, as well as con-goers should have ROOMS TO SLEEP IN. That’s not the convention’s responsibility.

Follow these Do’s and Don’ts, but don’t be afraid to be creative. I’ve seen some very interesting rooms be changed into con-suites. At the same time, it’s usually where the craziest things happen as well. Have fun!


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