Adventures At The Game Store: Do’s and Don’ts

I have a game store in my hometown, and I am so glad it is here where people can patronize and support not only local businesses, but local geek businesses. It’s also always a pleasure to play here, the people for the most part are really good people and love to do what they do and play as well.

But with all geek places, there are things that you should do, and things you should not do. We’re going to talk about some of the things that are okay and some that aren’t to do at your local game shop.

DO: Get to know the shop owners. Find out what they are okay with and what they are so not okay with. By also getting to know them, they learn what you love, and want to see for the store. At my home shop, the shop is run by three brothers, and each one of them are very different in styles and in gaming.

DON’T: Try and haggle without a rapport with your shop owner. You have to understand that most game shop owners are trying to just pay the bills and enjoy them-selves, the last thing they need is someone trying to hassle them. At the same time you can risk getting ripped off or worse, getting kicked out.

DO: Encourage open gaming at all times. Many times, games bring fellow gamers together and they start to play and the next thing you know, you are getting more people into the store and buying lots of things.  In essence, the whole point to building a business for game shops. The longer you are at your local shop, the more inclined you are to spend money in the store.

DON’T: Encourage or allow drama filled gaming. This means those who have anger management issues who may actually flip tables and hurt others over being defeated, should not be invited. Nor should they be gaming if they have anger management issues (but that’s another blog entry).

DO: ACTUALLY BUY STUFF THERE. And don’t be afraid to special order things too if they may not have it right off the bat. Just because it’s not on the shelf doesn’t mean it is not available for them to order and get into the store in a few days. Special orders nine out of ten times are cheaper and faster than going online or on Ebay.  Plus, you support a local business.

DON’T: Steal, for obvious legal and moral reasons.

DON’T: Just chill there and NEVER buy anything either. I can understand if you are broke sometimes and you just need to get out and do something that’s cheap. But to not ever buy anything is just not cool, and if you don’t spend some money, eventually, the business will fold and no one will be happy.

DO: Clean up after yourself. Geeks have a bad problem with not only hygiene for themselves, but in keeping public spots clean as well. As a health professional, it’s one of those things where cleaning up after yourself prevents illness and other weird and nasty things from shutting down a store. Also, if you have a shop that allows outside food, by not cleaning up your mess, you risk getting told one day that outside food is banned and perhaps even that you will not be allowed to eat anything

DON’T: Leave a mess for people to have to clean up. Not cool.

DO: Have fun, that’s the whole point of the game shop, to have a good time and enjoy each other’s company.

DO: Protect your stuff.   People, getting things stolen is just not cool at all. Although it is very common for most gamers to bring loads of stuff and have everything everywhere, but it doesn’t mean people don’t steal.


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