Geek Video Monday!!!

We are starting a new summer series called: Geek Video Mondays! Which is where we showcase some of the geekiest and downright funny videos on the internets. Some you may have seen, some you may have not, but check em out anyway!

Pick of the Week: Tales from The Table

This was actually shown to me, by one of my own D&D players. This web series is a lot like The Guild but only for Dungeons and Dragons players.

You can check out the link by clicking here. Video not available due to the format being in Flash and WordPress and Flash are not friends with benefits.

Secondary Pick: The BET Awards Version of The Real Husbands of Hollywood

So this was originally played at the BET Awards last night and I saw this video and couldn’t help but laugh at how they mocked all the crazy drama of reality shows. But the hillariousness is why it is on this week’s video list!

Check it out here. Be advised this is not for children.

Third Pick: The Portland Naked Bike Ride.

So I totally want to do this one day, after I lose some more weight!

Check this out here.. This video is REALLY not for children.


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