Farewell to Borders…

For those who may have been reading the news lately, in the last few days there has been talk about Borders Bookstore dispersing. Monday, it was announced that the bookstore is officially throwing in the towel, due to overwhelming debt, a slow economy, and an even slower progression to evolve with the changing times of E-book technology.

It is with a sad heart, that I watch it go. I wrote my first book there, worked for a short time there and met a lot of people that I consider my friends today. I also had a lot of terrible things happen there as well. But when push comes to shove, Borders bookstore was a stepping stone in my life, I bought all my Harry Potter books there, and a lot of other books that have shaped my life for the good and for the bad.

I guess this is the season of things coming to an end. But I always like to think, that with the end of something, comes something new and different. Perhaps another bookstore will come in to the big space and make it it’s own. Maybe they may be able to not do the same old thing, but they may have a new edge like buying back old books for store credit. (one can only hope anyway.) Or perhaps with the rise of E-books, there may come a E-book lounge where people can still get books and still get that social fix.

But one can only hope. The hardest part for me is that Borders were in places that REALLY needed bookstores, and now with all of them closing, it makes going to the competitior that much harder, or worse, the pressure to advance into E-technology makes paper books even more obsolete. No matter what the decision is, nothing will ever beat the feeling of holding an old book in your hand. I will miss Borders bookstore, I wish all employees who worked for the company the best and I hope that they will find work quickly and that they will be happy.

Fare thee well Borders, but I do not weep, for I feel that you will rise again. Even if it is in a different format.


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