Behind The Staff Screens: August 2011

Notes from our Staff meeting: August 1st, 2011

Lady Benihime: So what are your plans for August?

Milo: Well, I am taking a trip to the Nor Cal Forests with some comrades and Stefan..

Lady Benihime: So you’re going reenacting? I thought you said you weren’t going to reenact in the summer cause it’s hella hot?

Milo: First of all, how did you know I was going reenacting? Secondly, where we are going has lots of nice trees for shade and stuff.

Lady Benihime: Well, I found out cause that’s all you talk about on your Facebook, and you know, sometimes I remember things you say… Just watch out for snakes, and mountain lions…

Milo: Yah, whatever. What does this have to to do with the blog?

Lady Benihime: Well, as you know, we are currently in the mass hiring of new staff for the fall, and we’re both going back to school in August, so I have decided, that I’m going to be putting the blog on hiatus for the month.

Milo: A whole month? You’re serious?

Lady Benihime: Yep! During this time also, I’m going to be getting things together not only for the writers and new editing staff coming in, but we will also will be moving the blog officially and making us: and upgrading our already awesome blog into an even cooler look!

Milo: So I take it this  means I can’t get too crazy while away……    :/

Lady Benihime: Well, I can’t stop you from doing that, but if you get sick, you will have a hard time rebounding in time for school. Let alone what I’ve got in store for you in September….

Lord Milo: What’s coming in September? I’m not going LARPing!

Lady Benihime: : Last I checked, LARPing and Reenacting are kinda the same thing with different purposes and attire.

Milo: No, I wouldn’t say they’re same at all…

*Awkward silence for a few moments.*

Lady Benihime: Anyway, not only will the site be awesome, but we will be covering some pretty sweet events in the fall!

Milo: You know I work for other people besides you right?

Lady Benihime: Duh. But don’t worry, these events aren’t going to be all day things, they are going pretty fun and original things to do. I know you’ll love em.. One of them is a reenactment too…

Milo: *Looks at Benihime apprehensively* We’ll seee….

Benihime: Indeed. In the meantime, we do have some things going on! We’re starting a new feature at our blog called: “Ask A Shop Owner!” This is where we ask our friends over at Olde World Games to let us into the adventures of game shop owners! If you are interested, either message us here, or email us at


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