Geeky Confessions From the Editor in Chief Sept-2011

It’s September here in our little world of geekiness. No usually this means fall begins to settle in, the leaves start to turn, people go back to school and all sorts of other adventures that begin.  I however have felt no such thing, thanks to the late summer that decided to show itself this month. And although I wish I had better things to report in my life this month, it has not really shown itself to be any better than August. Add the heat, and it makes it worse.

Although most of this month has been a bummer, I do have some fun things to share that happened to me this month so far:

Celesticon 2011: For many years, I have attended Asian Fandom conventions. For the first time, I decided to go to Gaming Convention. And for the weekend, I did nothing but play Pathfinder. And life has never been the same since. Now although we have a convention review coming later this week, I will say, that the weekend was such an eye opener to the  world of Tabletop gamers. With everything from 12 year olds GMing games to playing one of the most insanely broken games of Pathfinder ever, this convention made my convention rotation definitely change. For the good. Something to consider in next year’s convention rotation.

POTTERMORE!: Now within the next few weeks, as the site gets ready for official launch, I expect great and insane things to happen on the website. But we will be giving our BETA review in a few days. But the short version: What an awesome website, although a little weird and difficult in a few spots, it’s still a great website.

PATHFINDER!!: So, while I’ll be talking about this in an entry tomorrow, I have become a huge fan of the Pathfinder Society RPG. I’ve come across certain issues as a GM, but overall, it’s been something that I deeply look forward to putting on every week. And now, we’re expanding to other nights as well as bringing more GM’s to the event. But it’s good to finally find something that I have more fun with than anything.

So while things haven’t been that great in the world of the Editor and Chief, I remain hopeful to all the fun stuff that is going to be happening soon!

~Lady Benihime


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