Life at The Geeky Manifestos-Holidays 2011

*blows dust off blog*

Well, it’s been a while since we got this party started a year ago. 2011, started with a good momentum for this blog. But it ends on not so many high notes. I guess it comes with the life territory I guess. But I am committed to finishing somewhat strong and planning for an even more productive 2012. (Especially since they say the world is going to end, so I gotta at least end on a decent high. Just in case ^_^).

A c0uple of announcements before we continue with our regularly scheduled writings:

1) We are sad to announce that our Senior Editor Emilio will no longer be working with us due to legal and creative issues. We will keep his writings and his profile with contact information on the site. We wish him all the best with his geek and professional endeavors. Tamara, our other Senior Editor, will continue to work in the organization but in a non-writing way. Stay tuned, we have quite a lot of plans for her in the future! ^_^ Kurt Smith, is still a part of our team, and we are very excited to see more of his writings in the near future as well.

4) The Geeky Manifestos, is going to be launching it’s first book in February!!! The Geeky Manifesto’s “Guide to Geeky Relationships” In this book, we will be talking about how to maintain personal and professional relationships, while still staying true to yourself. We’ll be covering Geek Dates, Professional Events and Situations, Geek Networking, Overcoming Shyness and Recovering from “Foot In Mouth” situations. It will be available in PDF and Print Forms on our online Store which will also be launching in February!

5) Speaking of online store, in conjunction with The Geeky Manifestos, and Goddess Productions and Consulting, we are creating a line of cool and fun Geeky Merchandise for all to check out! We have been looking forward to bringing this back into the fold for many years, and now we have the tools to do so! We look forward to sharing more information with you all in the coming months!

Well, that’s it from us! Talk with you soon!


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