Share Your Passion

Being a geek means more than being a passive consumer of offbeat media.  It also means you’re creative, intelligent, and actively involved in geeky communities.  At least, it means you have the potential to be involved in geeky communities.

And if you’re not, why aren’t you?  Reaching out to other geeks can only bring about good things.  You’ll make new friends.  You’ll expand your network of people you can call upon for colabs.  You can learn from them.  You can share your knowledge and your skills, which is practice for a number of universally useful things (including organization, public speaking, and connecting with different personality types).

Even if your school doesn’t have an anime club, or if your fellow H.P. Lovecraft enthusiasts are scattered around the globe, you can still connect with people long distance.  It’s a wonderful thing, that Internet.

You can join an online community, such as or deviantART to meet like-minded geeks and develop your artistic skills.

You can start a blog about your topics of choice, not just to inform your readers, but also to connect with them by making recommendations and sparking dialogue in the comments.

Show off your crafting skills by doing tutorials on YouTube.  Start a wiki that puts to use your freaky knowledge of the Halo/Portal/Half Life universe, as that can be a resource to fanfic writers and gamers alike.  Make stuff, do stuff, share stuff, and leave constructive or positive comments for others.

Being a geek means your leisure time is at least partially active and productive.  If not, then it doesn’t matter whether you’re spacing out in front of “Firefly” or “Jersey Shore.”  Or, to put it in a positive light, you have the potential to do amazing things and meet awesome people.  Why not go for it?


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