Who is Dr Who? Why Dr. Who is the “Law And Order” Series of The Geek World.

Yay the Tardis!

I have a few friends, that watch the series Dr. Who religiously. And for the longest time due to work and life, I wasn’t able to understand why people loved the series. This past holiday, when I finally found out that we also got BBC America as a new channel on my cable provider (huzzah!) I also stumbled upon a Dr. Who marathon. It was then I realized, that this series was a rather amazing one. So this is for those, who are trying to understand the series, so here’s a little history and some reasons about why the series is gaining a massive fandom.

The Dr. Who series is a Science-Fiction program, that was created by BBC (The British Broadcasting Company) in 1963. As of today, the series holds the Guinness Book of Records for the longest Sci-Fi series running in the world. The original main series, ran on and off from 1963 to 1989 and was re-launched again in 2005. The series has led to some well-known spin offs such as Torchwood and the Sarah Jane Chronicles. 

There has been only eleven actors who have played the role known famously as  “The Doctor” and his story is very simple, he is a Time Lord, meaning he has the abilities to travel through time and fight off bad things. All the while meeting new people and changing lives for the good. The Doctor comes from a world called Gallifrey, which unfortunately got stuck in a really bad civil war that got to the point where The Doctor had to seal them away in time to prevent them tearing the threads of reality and existence apart. As a result, The Doctor is one of the last time lords in the known universe. The Doctor is known to have a love for the human race and the planet Earth, made commonly known by his TARDIS (which stands for: Time And Relative Dimension(s) In Space) being in the design of a British police phone box.

So you are probably wondering what Law and Order has to do with Dr. Who? While the two series could not be anymore different, they share many traits that keep their shows still running after the many years.

One of course is that the series has been on for almost 50 years! (2013 marks its 50th anniversary) As a result, people young and old in Britain know of the series and its cultural references in the world. Furthermore, once the series moved on to the Sci-Fi Channel here in America, and eventually to BBC America, the show gained the support of its geeks “across the pond”.

The show has the ability of keeping things simple and yet unique. When dealing with very complicated matters such as law and sciences, it’s easy to get lost in the lingo. Dr. Who can not only keep the science intact, it does so in a way that does not insult geeks and non-geeks alike. What’s even more awesome, is many times, you see The Doctor, have to stop and explain certain things in a way that both their companions and watchers will understand.

The eleven doctors

Each actor in the series brings their own flavor to the series. It’s different people over and over. In each episode, you see a different flavor in each character through each situation that they are put into.  As each episodes comes and goes, you see the characters grow, and they grow on you. When things happen, you feel for them whether they are good or bad. They become such a huge part of your life that no matter what the story, you are changed along with them.

There have been eleven doctors in the history of the series. Each doctor has put their own personal spin on the role. Furthermore, as the series has been on and off for so many years, that now so many people in England, know all the actors that had significant parts in the series.

The Dr. Who phenomenon has grown immensely and seems to not stop. Check out an episode and decide for yourself whether The Doctor is someone you wish to watch. I however, will definitely be looking for the key to the TARDIS.


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