The Book Confessions 2/19

By the time most of you guys read this, I will be sleeping in my bed on Monday morning.

I am working on a new book. It’s called The Geeky Manifestos Guide To Geeky Communication. I started this book in November 2011. This book was created after I dealt with one of the most difficult relationships in my life. The relationship came to a very disastrous end, and it was at that point I realized that it was time we geeks started learning how to communicate with each other and the importance of building relationships that matter and that do not have communication issues.

So why write a book? Well many people write for many reasons. I choose to write because it’s finally time for someone to speak up and share the many things we as a society (referring to geek culture) succeed in and need some serious work in. My mission these last few days was to write when I had free time. Well, I hate to admit it, but free time is coming a little harder than I had planned.

Being a nursing professional already leaves you with very little time to be a geek. But being one, who goes to school, runs an active group of tabletop RPGers, and already writes for her own blog, it’s not an easy attempt by any or all means. And it leaves you with very little time. Now, I had bought Dragon speech ware to try to speed up the process. But, my computer in its infinite uselessness, decided, that the program was not going to work neither efficiently or even decently. So now I am back to type.

One of the nice things is that my master process still works for me. What I do, is that I write down my general gameplay. Kinda like brain dumping. After writing it all down, then I type it out. While typing it out it’s where the ideas and thought from the brain dump become more coherent and detailed. But I make it a rule not to edit it, I just write.

Then I edit it, which is actually where I take the longest amount of time. Usually, this is where, most of the inner debates and extra expansion time comes from. Finally, I go through a mass second edit and finally, we print.

Now in the past, I only printed for myself. But in the last few weeks and months, I have considered a whole bunch of options. I know that I am most definitely working on having it available for e-publishing. So it’s a first to have to write to fit e-pub instead of paper margins. I have also decided to add a workbook. Nothing as big, but in the book, but I want those who want to work on their core mirror values to have all the space they need.

Also, I’ve fought with Amazon over the “Going Kindle” Project. One of the things I love about the kindle is that I don’t have to haul a whole bunch of tech to read my blog. Problem is, our entries are available for free on our blog. Amazon charges $1 a month for our blog. So we planned on donating the profit to charity, but then, we found out that we only get 30 cents for every subscription. So we work at a profit loss cause Amazon gives us no say in the pricing of our own damn blog. It is a frustrating business, and I understand why a lot of other groups choose not to go in this realm. But I remain committed, and I hope that as we get closer and closer to our launch, things will work themselves out.

Well, that’s it for this week’s confession. Next week: I dunno, but it will be awesome.


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