The Book Confessions 2/26: One Chapter Ends, Another Begins

Current Book Status:
Chapters Written: 8
Chapters Typed: 4
Chapter Currently in Progress: Chapter Four
Chapters Edited: 2
Chapters in Submission for editing: 0

This last week was supposed to be an amazing writing week. As I have no classes the entire week thanks to state furloughs and with no car to go anywhere. Well, a rough cold ruined those game plans. I believe that this came to pass from my trip the week prior to San Francisco. It was time for my annual trip not only to the regional AMA conference. But it was also my trip to AOD. But when you travel to and from San Francisco on public transit, and you forget to stay hydrated, it’s kinda inevitable that illness is in your near future. Although the weekend was a total success and has led to a newly formed geeky networking group, it left me with a cold that kept me from being able to do any serious work until Saturday night/Sunday morning. So I feel like I am in serious catch up mode. *sighs*

I also had a terrible conversation with a player from my gaming group on Saturday. Now, I understood, that he meant well, but not only did he have terrible timing, but he was very closed-minded and down right rude and inflexible. I most likely will start Communication Cliff Notes as a result of this fellow player’s failure of counseling others, because one of the most common things I see is players doing sitting around talking about how players play, instead working on improving themselves. It goes back to the saying: “Calling The Kettle Black”. That’s counter-productive, and since many geeks are terrible with communication to begin with, it could very well end up rude.

Life hasn’t been all that better either. Due to an office downsizing, I was let go from my nursing job. It wasn’t a job that I loved, but at least they were fair and gave me a month’s wages instead just time served.  But the problem is, as I got this job, I ran out of unemployment benefits. So hopefully, this will at least give me another chance to at least get on my feet. My parents aren’t happy with it, but there’s not much they can do on the topic, but just like me, wait, see and keep on writing.

There is a silver lining, I did get my tax return the same day as I got laid off, so it’s not the end of the world for me. I just gotta lay low, and just go to school and game on Fridays and Saturdays for a while. I also may take a student loan to compensate for the loss wages. Although I wasn’t trying to because I just paid off my earlier student loans, I really didn’t want to go back to them. So I am going to work on being a Med Student Tutor. Medical terminology, Medical principles, general nursing precautions, and perhaps a little English as well to help those who are working to rebuild their skills. Sounds like fun!

So although this week did not start or possibly end well, I remain hopeful and thinking of my opportunities and options to grow not only as a person, but hey work towards my eventual goal one day. Teaching.

An update on the “Going Kindle” Project: I sent an email in the hopes that perhaps things will get better. No response yet, but I remain hopeful.

Well, that’s the end of this week’s edition of The Book Confessions. Next week, I am planning on making sure we have time to actually type!! I need to type!!!


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