The Geeky Roundtable Discussion 3/5: Geeky Guilty Pleasures

Question of The Week: What is your geeky guilty pleasure? No pleasure is out of place, but please keep it family friendly okay?

Adventure Quest Worlds-An Online MMORPG. Click picture, if you want to learn more.

Tamara: Adventure Quest Worlds.  Okay, so it’s not constructive, and MAYBE it’s a game aimed at young kids, but… Adventure Quest Worlds!  I can be a pirate and fight vampires and go on funny quests.  You can’t top that.

Did I also mention, that BBC UK is the company responsible for Downton Abbey and the new Sherlock adaptation?

Venus: For me, it’s totally watching international television shows.We’ve talked about Korean and FIlipino shows here at GM in the past, but since my Comcast decided to only have KBS America and TFC available only once I head to the Bay Area, they have substituted it with BBC America which is the UK’s main channel. While they do not have all the big dramas and are a little behind the current times for certain shows, I still love it and have learned that alot of the geek shows that I see in the US are actually UK adaptations such as Being HumanGordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, Hell’s Kitchen/The F Word and Top Gear. What does it for me about BBC America, it’s the only place where I can watch Star Trek: TNG, Dr. Who and Battlestar Galactica marathons all in one day and one channel. Sorry SciFi Channel, you can’t top that right now.

We’re looking for more imput in our discussions! So comment below and we will share with all our fans!

So here’s next week’s question: What is one tip, you would tell someone who is going to a convention (any geek related one will do) for the very first time!


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