The Book Confessions 3/11: Ride em in, RAWHIDE!!!!

Current Book Status:
Chapters Written: 8 and done!
Chapters Typed: 5
Chapter Currently in Progress: Chapter Six: Geek Relationships, The Good, Bad and Weird…
Chapters Edited: 2
Chapters in Submission for editing: 0 –Has decided to send everything at once since my editor is busy finishing up another fellow friends’ work.

This week’s entry, is a little lighter than last week’s. Although the issues going on in my life haven’t all been resolved, there’s only so much one can do. If there is anything I have learned, it’s that it’s important to keep moving forward and not to add any more stress that will still be there tomorrow.

For my readers who don’t know me personally, in December, my car decided to break down and become useless. So since then, I have utilized public transit. Now I don’t I don’t mind transit, but I live in an area where transit is just more of a hassle instead a useful tool. This is mainly to due to the fact that transit in our area is not used as a main source of transportation, so cities do not invest in them like they should. Head to one of the bigger cities thirty or forty minutes away, and you get into areas where transit literally take you  every where. While I have used all this time as writing time, and reading time (two things that I’ve had issues with for years) it reminds you how much we as a society-or at least out in the country we need our cars.

The same can be said for geek relationships. While we may need to use different forms of communication to speak geek to geek, the needs are the same. We need to interact and spend time with those who share our interests and beliefs. There are many geeks who say that you don’t need interaction to be a geek, and while to a point that is the truth, there is a fine lines between being an introverted geek, being a recluse and being the bold extrovert.

Now you must be thinking, is there a difference between a recluse and an introvert. Wanna know the difference? It’s quite simple: introverted geeks, may be the quiet ones on their computers who are working on their IIRC chats but when it comes to speaking on an opinion, they have deep coherent thoughts that make others wonder why they never said anything before in the first place. Recluses always seem to say the most inappropriate things at the most inappropriate times. Why? Because introverts surround themselves with people, but don’t say anything. An introvert although they don’t say much, hears, listens and responds in according to what is needed because they surrounded themselves with people who communicate, whether it be badly or good. Recluses are never around people, they avoid them like the it’s the freaking plague. As a result of this, they miss out on many social skills that may advance themselves and their causes. And then there the extroverts like me who hate introverts and recluses. Why? We extroverts have no problem getting out there and saying and doing what needs to be done. The problem is, many times we don’t care about who we step over or on, to do what needs to be done. Introverts see this and get turned off, and recluses go running for the hills.

But its important for all geeks to bounce off each other. We need each other, whether we like it or not. Extroverts need the introvert who will stop them from jumping off the bridge in exchange for giving the introvert a chance to step in to the world and make some noise. and the recluse needs both, the introvert to learn how to deal with people, and the extrovert to learn how to talk to people. Geeks need each other if we want to grow not only as geeks, but as people as well.

So how do geeks relate to public transit? At one point or another in your life, you have had to take public transit. Even if it was just the school bus when you were younger. You knew that you depended on that bus, train or carpool to get you from one area to another. So you needed that bus driver to not be late, you needed no insane reasons to make you late. Just as much as we need to transit to and fro, we need geeks in our lives to get us from one point of our lives to another.

So that’s it for me this week. See you all next week!

P.S: If you are wondering where the title for this week’s entry comes from, it’s actually the theme of the TV Western Rawhide which had a young Clint Eastwood at the beginning of his career in the show in the late 60’s-70’s. When I am traveling from city to city, and I get to my last stop, I have to wait until my father picks me up. While I’m waiting, I am watching the buses go around the station. And it reminds me of the show where they spend time herd cattle and go around the corrals over and over. In the 80’s it was updated by The Blues Brothers in their first movie.  It’s also one of those themes you hear on TV but have no idea where it comes from. Well allow me to illuminate you below. You won’t think of transit the same way ever again:


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