Book Confessions 4/8/12-Writing Behind Schedule

Current Book Status:
Chapters Written: 8
Chapters Typed: 5 1/2
Chapter Currently in Progress: Chapter Six–Still. :(
Chapters Edited: 2
Chapters Submitted: 0

The last time I wrote it was 3/11/12. Oi, that’s quite a lot of time. Some things that happened while I was gone:

1)  School’s been a drain on my time. Not in a bad way, but it looks like I’m going to need some more lab time during the week to keep things better organized.

2) I’ve also had a few gaming commitments as well. It was loads of fun, and a well needed break from the last few weeks of stress in my personal life. But that’s for another blog entry :D

While the book is still coming quite well, I won’t make my original deadline of being completed by my 25th birthday (April 16th). But I have a much bigger reason to at least finish the first drafts by my 25th. I am getting ready to do my summer convention tour, and I want to have the book ready by then. Lucky for me, this week, I am on spring break. So while I’ve decided that Sunday will be a day for reading, the rest of the week will be spent writing the entire book.

So next week’s entry, will be the grand one.  When I talk about the finished book.

See you next week!


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