Emerging Geekdom: Geeky Television!

Geeky and Sundry, the newest channel on YouTube!

I’ll start by saying that this is not an entry about The Big Bang Theory. Although it does play a part in the geek world’s “coming out” to mainstream media, but if you’re looking for a deep rationalization of the show, you’ve come to the wrong blog entry.

On April 24th 2002, a channel then called TechTV launched through Comcast Cable networks. It’s mission, to showcase the newest games and technology. Today, we know this channel as G4TV and geeks all over the world consider it the first “Geek TV Channel” we have had to date on mainstream television. For many years, G4TV held the market despite the fact they did not have the greatest television shows on their channel. Although they have grown from their humble roots, a majority of their on-air time is taken up by syndicated shows like Cops and Cheaters.

In 2007, a show about two geeks and their life stories brought us in to the mainstream. The show is known as “The Big Bang Theory”.  This show to date has been heralded as the geeks “coming out” party. It not only brought out the many things in our world that you only see at your local game/comic shop. But it also showcased our human sides as well, which is we still have the same issues and share the same sociological themes, emotional reactions, and ideals as the rest of the world. We just showcase it a little differently.

But when G4TV launched in 2002 and The Big Bang Theory in 2007 didn’t expect was something else to literally blow up as well:

The internet.

The Nerdist Channel, a fellow Geek TV channel now available on YouTube!

On April 3rd, 2012, in partnership with the kingpin of internet videos YouTube Inc, two new geek networking channel arise. The first one is Geek and Sundry. Co-Owned by Felicia Day, the creator of the web series The Guild, the channel has expanded already to house a line of online web shows that specialize in hosting geek culture shows. From the current seasons of The Guild, a series about a group of online gaming friends who go through their life and online adventures. To a show that talks about new Sci-Fi books to a personal favorite of Lady Benihime’s Tabletop, a show all about tabletop related games hosted by the greatest Trekkie Will Wheaton.. (But don’t tell him that.)

The day before on April 2nd, Chris Hardwick, comedian and creator of The Nerdist Podcast launched his own channel, not in competition, but supplement Geek and Sundry. The Nerdist Channel specializes in specific aspects and uses more comedy in their shows. With fellow famous geeks such as Weird Al Yankovic, and the return of the geek favorite Hard n’ Phirm, the YouTube Channel is also taking off and gathering fans all over the place.

It’s important to note, that with the rise of people leaving Cable Television in place of watching TV through their Wi-Fi connections, mainstream media has a lot of new challenges to overcome. How do you get people to watch your shows on actual cable, when we can watch TV through a device and pay the Wi-Fi price? Also when you take into account Hulu, Netflix and even Apple TV, how do we stay alive?

While that is a topic for another conversation, it’s important to note, that Geek TV is a total emerging geekdom. Finally, we geeks don’t have to settle for TV shows like “The Real Housewives” or “Jersey Shore”, we can watch something that caters to our lifestyle and the things that are important to us. For once, we geeks have more than just “Attack of the Show”, “X-Play” or even “The Big Bang Theory” to tune into every week. This is almost just as good as the creation of Dungeons and Dragons.

Almost. Although my old-school geeks will beg to differ.

But it’s rise, is definitely enough for all of us to take notice.

Check out some of our favorite shows

Weird Al’s Face to Face

Hard n’ Phirm- Pi Song

Felicia Day’s Flog–Street’s of Rage!

Sword and Laser! — The Book Club of Geeks!


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