The Book Confessions 4/16-Happy Birthday To Me.

So finally after all the work and drama,  I am happy to report that the book is done!

Well. At least the initial write. Now for the editing process. I honestly think that the editing process will take the longest.

But it is going to have to wait, along with moving my timetable. This is more due to school and personal issues that are making writing time almost impossible. Furthermore, I do want to do a little more case study work as well for book for the second edit.

When do I plan on publishing you ask? Well, that is going to have to depend on a lot of things in my personal life. In the meantime, I am going to have my editor go through my other book, and start the edit process for the new edition. That and at least she will work on something instead of emailing me every two weeks wondering what is going to happen.

So this is not the end of The Book Confessions. Be ready for some new updates soon. :)


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