Review of Monkeyman Productions’ Simian Showcase

Last Saturday, I went to see the “Simian Showcase,” an evening of plays and music that can be summed up as “geek theatre.”  Monkeyman Productions is a pioneer of geek theatre, putting on stage plays that centre around gaming, fandom, monster movies, superheroes, and LARPing.  Nerdy jokes and obscure references fly fast, but don’t worry if you don’t catch ‘em all.  Their plays are, at the same time, universally relatable, carrying themes of friendship, responsibility, insecurity, and passion.  These are plays that anyone can enjoy – but geeks will enjoy them a whole lot more.

I’ve seen some of Monkeyman’s shows before, and so I went to last Saturday’s “Simian Showcase” with high hopes.  It did not disappoint.  The showcase contained four short plays: an argument between a graphic novelist and his co-creator about the originality of their comic, an exploration of what happens when a superhero reveals his true identity to his girlfriend, a battle between two long-time friends when one of them falls out of love with Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week,” and a discussion between con-goers of how much fandom is too much.  Each play had a lot of laughs and a lot of heart.

The showcase also included two musical performances by Geek* musicians Debs & Errol.  These two are awesome – okay, so I’m a little bit biased because they’re my friends from NaNoWriMo, but really, can you say “no” to a band entirely dedicated to nerdy music?  Their songs include parodies like the Star Wars-themed “TIE after TIE,” covers of classics like “Rainbow Connection,” and original music like “BSG,” in which Debs feels betrayed that Errol never watched the ending of Battlestar Galactica.

All in all, it’s a great show, so if you’re in the Toronto area, go see it.  You’ll have a great time, and you’ll be supporting Geek theatre.**

*They cite “Geek” as their musical genre.
**We have our own genre now.  Isn’t that awesome?

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