Lady Benihime’s Spring 2012 Convention Report

This has been an insane spring for me. This week, I completed my classes for the semester (Dean’s List baby!) and I now am able to take some time and work on recapping my adventures so far this Spring. On top of traveling via transit to my classes for four days out of the week.  I attended four different conventions: Animation on Display, ConQuest Sacramento and Fanime and Clockwork Alchemy. So allow me now to share my adventures of all four conventions!

  Animation On Display-San Francisco!

AOD and I have a long-standing history, with being the convention where I do all the insane and fun things most con-goers do. Add running around in Japantown on top, and you get the weekend of an insane but memorable times!

This weekend was not only the début of my new and most fun panel to date, but it was also the weekend where Bronies took over. (We will be talking about Bronies a little later this month.)  I debuted “The Geeky Networking Panel” which focuses on teaching geeks how to network, and giving them the opportunity to network without worry of not knowing what to do or how to do it! All in all, it was a weekend to remember! And I am very happy to have been a part of it.

ConQuest Sacramento-Sacramento

For those who know, in the past year, I became a diehard tabletop gamer. After AOD, I received an email from my senior coordinator in the area and was asked to run a gaming room for the entire weekend. Now staffing conventions has never been a mega problem for me, as I have staffed help for conventions for at least five years now. But running a room, all by myself? That was indeed a new challenge I was willing to accept.

And so, armed with my gaming experience, and my organizational skills from running events and games and took charge. Yes we had a few issues, but for the most part I had loads of fun! It’s not so bad to be the insane fearless leader. But only in moderation. The picture above showcases an event I was playing in. I played a Gunslinger, in a module where the big bad boss, is so powerful that my bullets do absolutely nothing in harming him. But good thing he couldn’t hit me either… All in all, my first leadership adventure went off without too many hitches. Also, the convention heads, are two of the funnest people I’ve ever worked with.

  FanimeCon!– San Jose

So for the past five years, I’ve attended Fanime as my super fun convention. Not only do I host panels, I also staff and do most of my geek shopping for the year there.  I hosted our networking panel there and was a part of the Panels Department staff. Being on staff, totally ready me for my adventures as a coordinator in the gaming realm, because a I learned how to manage a load of events that take place all at once. This year, was one of the biggest years I’ve seen the convention. While I am glad that things are growing, we did have a lot of serious growing pains that go with it. But I have not given up on my favorite convention, so we just have a lot of work to improve upon. But as the year progresses and we have time to work on the new things we have in store, I have no doubt that Fanime is going to work out its issues and grow and meet the needs of the geeks.

Clockwork Alchemy-San Jose

So something new came to San José, that was created by fellow staffers of Fanime. And that was a Steampunk Convention called Clockwork Alchemy. The theme is obvious.. Steampunk in all it’s glory, and for its first year, it was indeed glorious. Now a lot of people gave the convention crap for either being too far away, or the quality of the stuff being held there was not that great, but I beg to differ. Steampunk of all the geekdoms is one of the most expensive due to its historical accuracy nature.  You just can not get a cheap $50 corset on E-bay, or awesome items like the right clothing and original jewelry for cheap. It’s something that you do have to budget for, but when you do, it’s a piece that will last for a long time. However,  I learned a lot more about the Steampunk lifestyle that I am going to be sharing with others coming soon.

Now I had a terrible run in with some staffers at Clockwork who had the audacity (and I mean audacity) to slam Fanime and their staff (myself included). But I was the first to remind them, that without Fanime, you would not be here having a convention. Fanime took a real shot in the dark by expanding and paying for a Steampunk convention, when the resources could have been better used at Fanime. So for those of you who slammed my convention, may I remind you that you shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds you. Regardless of what time period your geekdom may represent.

So that is my entire Spring Adventure schedule in place. Hopefully in the next few weeks, we will be announcing new adventures for the summer convention season. Stay tuned!


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