The Evolution of Lady Benihime

So it’s been a few weeks..Okay months, since I last wrote here. It’s been an adventure since I last wrote here. So let me do a small update of the crazy geek life that is me:

• I took a break after all the fiasco of my personal life and the many fiascos that came with a very extensive and exhausting legal battle of libel against our blog. Although all things were resolved without having to go to court, it really ruined my desire to write and to blog in general. But while I have been gone, I am grateful that Tamara has written a few pieces and keeping the blog alive! There is most likely something Tardis related that will end up at her house sometime soon. ;D

• My computer is the most useless hunk of junk on the planet. In its defense however, I bought it on sale four years ago and it was a starter model. It was never meant to do all the things that it has done these last four years, which makes me rather impressed. But this now means that writing is a serious endeavor, and by the time I finally sit down to write, my computer acts up so much, that I get frustrated and stop writing. This unfortunately has led to a lot of my writing and editing projects to be moving at a slow pace. I intend on purchasing a new computer before the end of the year (hopefully next month so I can get back to working.) so keep new computer providence in your prayers to the geek gods for me.

• Over this past summer, I was working on opening a publishing company for tabletop adventure writers to have a place to get their work out there. I had two other partners, but they eventually dropped out due to life getting in their ways. So, instead of sitting on the project and wait, I said to hell with it, and created a new venture. Now I know what you are thinking: You’ve created four businesses in the last three years… Why on Earth should we believe this should last? Because we have already begun playtesting, and next month, we will begin publishing things. The energy of the community that has encouraged me to keep on writing and building adventures, and it’s been fun to watch my adventures come alive. And even more to watch my fellow players be characters that you would have never thought. :D I’ve titled the company: Lady Ophelia’s Shop of Roleplaying Specialties. And yes, I do have a website: — Feel free to stop by and find out more about our work!


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