The Other Use, Part Four

Yesterday, I talked about websites that have been changed by their users.  Today, I’m going to talk about software that was used for The Other Use and thus led to whole other properties.

No, I’m not talking about Linux.

I’m talking about software and games that have been stripped for parts and rebuilt into something new.  Personal story time.  When I was a kid, I had access to very few computer programs.  There was Kidpics, a kid-oriented digital imaging program that was loaded with clip-art and sound effects; there was Creatures, a sort of glorified Tamagotchi-like game; and Powerpoint.  One day, I was messing around with the computer and found that you could access the “behind the scenes” of various programs by going through the directory in which they were saved and opening the files instead of launching the software.  Long story short, I used the images and sounds from Kidpics and Creatures and the rudimentary “hyperlinking” found in Powerpoint and I made an RPG.  I didn’t realize I was kitbashing at the time.  In fact, I had the attitude that I was doing something menial by foraging for parts.  Looking back, however, I daresay it was rather inventive.

Anyway, let’s go to a more recent and dignified example: Hetaoni.*  There was a Japanese horror game called “Ao Oni.”  Soon enough, fans of the anime “Axis Powers Hetalia” descended upon it and recreated a Hetalia version thereof.  Since then, there have been adaptations and translations springing up all over the world.  Sprites have been adapted and readapted.  Everything from Flash to RPG Maker has been used.  Backgrounds, settings, and items have been made, shared, remade, and shared again.  I can’t even tell you how many permutations of this game exist right now, but they all came from taking an existing game and combining it with an existing anime.  If you ever want to do an in-depth study on creative fandom, may I suggest using a Hetaoni group as one of your case studies.

What’s more, Hetaoni has led to a whole other side of Hetalia fandom.  Due to the dark nature of the game, especially when compared with the anime’s irreverence and frivolity, many Hetalia fans don’t care to partake in Hetaoni.  Oh, but those who do…

There is Hetaoni fanfic, cosplay, fanart, AMVs, MADs… Again, this is all from a fanmade (and fan-remade) game.  The original creators of “Ao Oni” never saw this coming.

And so, using things For The Other Use can lead to whole new products.  Tomorrow, I will wrap up this series by discussing what happens when YouTube is used for The Other Use.

*I am not involved in any incarnation of Hetaoni.


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