Don’t Call it a Comeback — Cause we never really left.

You know, one of the beautiful things about blogging, you can stop writing, and then come back to it when the need to share your world returns.

And boy, does that seem to happen at some interesting times in my life.

So we are coming back to basics after an incredibly long hiatus. After dealing with all the legal drama behind the blog, and life kicking in, I return to you now, at the turn of the tide. To write more nerdy manifestos, in a different mindset.

So what do we have in store for this blog now, that the world has indeed changed?

A couple of things:

1) Postings are coming back — We will post weekly blogs on Mondays and Patreon Subscribers will get an extra post on Thursdays. We will be full linking back to our Facebook and Twitter, so if you have followed us since the beginning, get excited — the lights are going to come back on.

2) Yes– We are doing Patreon. But not to make money — just to make the blog sustainable. We have done the math, and after figuring out costs, we have decided we need to make 300 dollars a month to upgrade the blog and fully make it working to its full potential once more. We do have longer term goals to invite new writers and pay the ones we had in the past! We plan to scale up as we go, but also work on other avenues of funding through books/projects. We will have a Patreon Post taking about all that we are doing soon!

Now, if you cannot give, don’t worry — we have plenty of old writings that you are welcome to read, and Mondays will always be our free day. Trust that we understand that the struggle remains real.

If you wish to join the Rebellion — The Patreon Link is here:

3) We are just gonna catch up and write what’s on our mind about Nerd Culture. — This is what made our blog different from a lot of other blogs. We’ve been gone three years! We have so much to talk about now and share with you. Not to mention all the things coming our way as well. (Like seriously? Episode VIII of Star Wars is coming. One of my last entries was talking about the Prequels!)

We hope that you will share our mission in returning! Support our Patreon if you can, and help us go to places we have never gone before!

May the Force be with you,

Venus aka Lady Benihime/Lady Ophelia


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