About Us!

Welcome to Geeky Manifestos!

Manifesto: (noun) “A public declaration of intentions, motives or views”–Merrian Webster Dictionary.

Our Mission is Simple:

This website is for geeks to be geeks, in an intellectual setting. Here you will find essays and commentaries to the many things that make up our geek world today. Technology, comics, television, movies, literature and even video games are welcome here to write and share their own personal intellectual manifesto about things.

We always welcome guest writers to share a little of their geek manifestos. Be advised that if you wish to be a writer on this blog, you must be able to give in-depth analysis of the subject. This is not an open forum where you can talk about why a certain player on your WOW account guild is pissing you off. That’s what the WOW forums are for not this blog.

Thank you for visiting our blog, and “may the force be with you always”

The Geeky Manifestos’ is currently looking for fellow staff members in the following departments:

Business Development Specialist

Mandatory Skills Required of All Applicants:

  • Good communication skills in both verbal and written.
  • Ability to analyze, research, and present material in an unbiased, thorough manner.
  • Ability to meet fast paced deadlines. We publish three days a week with plans to update daily!
  • Must have strong work ethic. (Your pay depends on it!)
  • Be available via-Skype for staff meetings and conferences.

We are currently working on formal job descriptions, so if you are interested in a position, please email our fearless leader Venus at vbenihimesama@gmail.com


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