Venus De Coy

Man I should have been holding a sword in my hand or something.

I’ve never been really good at doing bios. Even after my many years in the professional scene, I still have trouble with writing about myself. So here I go:

Venus De Coy is a lover, fighter, RPG Writer, Resident Witch/Cleric, Yoga Jedi Knight, and Amateur Pokémon Trainer.

Venus’s normal life includes working with teens and young adults with ADD/ADHD as a Peer Support Specialist while studying to become a Social Worker. She advocates for the impoverished and marginalized through the Society of St. Vincent de Paul and also manages a children’s bounce-house.

And yet somewhere in there, she finds time to go to the movies, attend game nights, hunt for Pokémon with friends, and sleep in as much as possible. (All of which she attributes to her Passion Planner and her addiction to coffee.)

Venus lives in Sacramento California, the greatest gaming society in the world. She is surrounded by her friends, family, Snorlaxes and Vulpixes in lieu of children and cats.


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